KSA unveils oversight agenda for 2024 to build on ‘Safe Play’ mission

Updated:2024-03-31 09:28    Views:128

The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has recently disclosed its Supervisory Agenda for 2024, outlining its focus areas and strategies to uphold its 'Safe Play' mission and achieve public objectives set forth in the 2020-2024 Strategy. 

Published on 26 February 2024, the Supervisory Agenda emphasises heightened attention to specific areas perceived to carry additional risks.

Key objectives outlined in the agenda include control of duty of care/addiction prevention, combating illegal online offerings, supporting partners and conducting independent investigations and ensuring compliance with data delivery.

The Supervisory Agenda highlights changes compared to the previous year, including an increased focus on duty of care, a more data-driven approach to risk-based monitoring and enhanced effectiveness of interventions targeting the entire illegal gambling supply chain.

Additionally, compliance with advertising regulations,Play Casino Online especially those aimed at protecting young individuals, remains a crucial aspect of the KSA's oversight efforts.

The unveiling of the Supervisory Agenda follows actions taken by the KSA to address illegal gambling activities. In a crackdown on affiliates offering illegal gambling advertisements, the authority initiated investigations into websites promoting unauthorised gambling services.

As a result, the KSA took action against 14 out of 33 websites examined for violations.

Moreover, the KSA's investigation into loss-based bonuses prompted stricter measures on such incentives within the gambling industry. Recognising the potential risks associated with cashback bonuses, the authority clarified its stance and issued warnings to licence holders found offering prohibited bonuses.